The Influence of Surface Cleanliness of Filter and Improvement Methods

Dirt on the surface of the filter can hinder direct contact between the film material and the substrate, reducing adhesion. If contaminated with oil, it can even cause the film layer of the optical lens to fall off. Dirt, dust, and other defects will lurk in the optical lens film layer on the substrate, forming pinhole marks and even affecting the optical performance of the optical lens.

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For example, the surface pollution of optical lenses mainly comes from the following sources:

1. After polishing, the glass of optical lenses will be stored for a long time, resulting in water, oil, or mold stains on the surface

2. There are dust and fibrous substances adsorbed on the surface of the filter in the working environment.

3. Pollution on the surface of the filter caused by oil vapor backflow in the vacuum system during the coating process.

We need to solve these problems by cleaning the surface of the filter and continuously cleaning it when using it. If conditions permit, a dust-free workshop should be established. The cleaning method for the filter should be determined according to the specific situation. For newly polished filter surfaces, degreased gauze dipped in anhydrous alcohol can be used for wiping; When wiping, it should be as uniform as possible and not damage the surface smoothness and shape. For dirty filters, we recommend that Hanzhong Borisun Optics not use them again.


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