The industrialization project of Howell CMOS image sensor chip was started to improve the process capability of filters and microlenses

The industrialization project of Howell CMOS image sensor chip was started to improve the process capability of filters and microlenses

On the morning of June 16, at the cloud conference site of Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference, Howell CMOS Image Sensor Chip Industrialization Project in Songjiang, Shanghai, as one of the projects under construction in the city, sounded the clarion call for construction.


Howell Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Area in January 2001. It is a wholly-owned company of Shanghai Weir Co., Ltd. and Howell Technology of the United States. It is a high-tech enterprise of semiconductor integrated circuits. The Haowei CMOS image sensor chip industrialization project under construction will build Haowei Songjiang Park and wafer filter and microlens packaging production line. At that time, senior technical personnel in the industry will be introduced to establish research and development and engineering teams in relevant technical fields, further improving the company’s capabilities in the field of wafer color filter and microlens technology. The construction period of the project is expected to be 2 to 3 years, and the average annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 400 million yuan, and the profit and tax will exceed 100 million yuan after the project is completed.

It is reported that Howell is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of CMOS image sensors, image induction integrated chips and related parts and molds, silicon based liquid crystal products and related parts, as well as the provision of commercial testing and other services for the above products. It has tested more than 100 million vehicle level image sensor chips annually, and has the first 12 inch high pixel image sensor wafer testing production line in China, with annual packaging Test hundreds of thousands of 12 inch high pixel image sensor wafers. For many years, the company has been one of the top 100 export enterprises in Shanghai.

During the epidemic, the commencement of such high-quality projects has greatly boosted entrepreneurs’ determination and confidence to increase investment, adhere to investment and increase transformation and development in Songjiang, Shanghai. “We are very proud of our investment and development in Songjiang. Over the years, Songjiang has continued to make efforts in attracting investment and talents with the guidance of science and innovation, and we have fully felt the rapid development of the G60 science and innovation corridor in the Yangtze River Delta.” Chi Wei, general manager of Howell Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that he hoped that through continuous investment in new projects, the future of Howell would follow the development of Shanghai Songjiang to a higher stage.

In fact, the commencement of Howei project also sent a positive signal for market players to invest in Songsong. On the same day, in addition to Howei, the second phase of Shanghai Zhongdian Information Port, the high-end intelligent manufacturing and system integration construction project of Shanghai Xianhui Automation Technology Co., Ltd., the MVR evaporative environmental protection equipment manufacturing and research and development base project of Shanghai Zhongteng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and the intelligent equipment and FPC flexible circuit industrialization base project of Shanghai Excellence Jet Co., Ltd. were also started in the cloud. The total investment for the five projects is about 2 billion yuan. “In the next step, we will also focus on the construction of new tracks such as the meta universe, green low-carbon, intelligent terminals, and digital economy, and strive to set off an upsurge of investment in Songjiang.” Chen Chao, director of Shanghai Songjiang District Economic Commission, said.


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