the differences between high-precision grinding spherical lens and aspheric lens

Lens has different shapes and different parameter requirements. Now we often see spherical lens and aspheric lens. Borisun optics now mainly produces spherical lens in large quantities. But let’s look at the differences between high-precision grinding spherical lens and aspheric lens?

Spherical lens refers to the constant curvature from the center to the edge of the lens, while aspheric lens refers to the continuous change of curvature from the center to the edge.

The “curvature of the sphere” of a spherical lens is constant, that is, the front and rear surfaces of the lens are part of the spherical surface respectively. Each surface can be convex (convex outward from the lens), concave (concave into the lens) or “flat” (flat). The line between the spherical center points of the front and rear surfaces of the lens is called the optical axis of the lens. In almost all cases, the optical axis of the lens will pass through the physical center of the lens. The radius of curvature of the aspheric lens changes with the central axis, which has a better radius of curvature and can maintain good aberration correction. The advantage of aspheric lens to replace spherical lens is that it can correct the spherical aberration caused by spherical lens in the collimation and focusing system. By adjusting the surface constant and the aspheric coefficient, the aspheric lens can eliminate the spherical aberration as much as possible. The aspheric lens basically eliminates the spherical aberration produced by the spherical lens. At present, the main processes of aspheric lens are: precision glass molding, precision polishing molding, hybrid molding, and injection molding.

Borisun Optics has a complete optical cold processing production line, which can produce customized optical lenses, optical prisms, optical windows, filters and lenses of various conventional and unconventional sizes, meet various high-precision production requirements of customers, and provide complete optical vacuum coating process, realizing the integrated production and customized service of optical glass.


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