The common beamsplitter in life

Beamsplitter generally refers to two types of optical equipment. Yes: beam splitter is an optical setting that can divide a beam of light into multiple beams. It is usually made by coating optical glass. Some common spectrometers in life, because the classical spectrum analyzer is an instrument based on the principle of spatial dispersion, and decomposes the chromatic light through a series of lenses or gratings. Because of the use of prism, the lens is falsely called a spectroscope. Generally, the spectroscope is divided into two types, one is cubic type and the other is planar type. In optical systems or optical experiments, it is usually necessary to divide the beam of a light source into two beams, one as the reference light and the other as the test light. The simplest way to separate light is to tilt the glass to separate reflected light and transmitted light.

According to the spectral characteristics, the spectroscope can be divided into neutral spectroscope and two-color spectroscope. The spectroscope is mainly used in single-fiber bidirectional components, image processors, high-precision optical instruments, digital microscopes, and more commonly photocopiers, laser printers, RGB projectors, rear projection televisions, etc. It has many advantages, such as flat curve ripple, accurate spectral ratio, and no ghost phenomenon. There is also a kind of spectroscopic reflector, which has the advantage of having special optical processing substrate, high-precision optical medium coating, ensuring no ghost, high finish, no black spots, no stray light and other problems. It is the best choice for digital test microscope, optical fiber end detection instrument, stage laser optical platform, laser device, digital imaging and optical instrument

The function of the beam splitter is opposite to that of the beam combiner. Spectroscopy is widely used in the fields of microscopic imaging, machine vision, laser beam splitting and 3D synthesis. The plane scenery is in the light path, which plays the role of separating the light source energy and changing the direction of light objects. The structure design is relatively simple, and the light consumption is small after absorbing small scenery. Moreover, the all-dielectric film spectral ratio of the platform is not good. 35 points of gas extinction and excellent antireflection effect. It can ensure no ghost and stray light. It is widely used in the fields of microscopic imaging, machine vision, laser beam splitting and 3D composition. The plane beam splitter plays the role of separating the energy of the light source and changing the direction of the light path in the light path. It has the advantages of simple structure design, small light absorption and small light loss after beam splitting. It is widely used in the fields of microscopic imaging, machine vision, laser beam splitting and 3D synthesis.

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