Talking about the types and characteristics of reflectors

Optical mirrors are precision mirrors with highly polished planes or curved surfaces reflecting light. Hanzhong Borisun Optics produces customized mirrors suitable for various applications. Life science, astronomy, metrology and solar engineering are only a few industries that rely on our precision mirrors and other optical components.

Hanzhong Borisun Optics can manufacture high-level mirrors to reflect a specific wavelength range, while allowing light transmission of other wavelengths. Custom mirrors and precision mirrors can also be designed to reflect at a predetermined angle.

Hanzhong Borisun Optics also produces high-performance ultra-wideband metal mirrors. Here, the substrate is first coated with a reflective metal film, and then coated with a dielectric outer coating. Metallic coatings include aluminum, silver or gold. When working in infrared applications, especially when the wavelength is greater than 2 μ M, gold is the ideal choice. Silver has high reflectivity in the visible and near-infrared range. For the visible light range of general use, the performance of aluminum coating is very good. Dielectric coatings provide protection and enhance reflectivity, and these mirrors are very durable.

For specific narrow wavelength and high energy level applications, we recommend using laser grade mirrors. These efficient precision mirrors can be used for beam steering in laser applications. The dielectric coating provided by Hanzhong Borisun Optics can be optimized for the laser wavelength you choose to achieve high reflectivity.

Other special mirrors

The parabolic reflector of Hanzhong Borisun Optics aims to reflect energy outward from a single point, or capture all parallel incident light and reflect it to a single focus. They have many applications, including laser material processing, fluorescence microscopy, high harmonic generation and waveguide-free supercontinuum generation.

Off-axis parabolic mirror can be considered as the “cut out” of the larger parent parabolic mirror. These mirrors are difficult to align, but they will be very helpful for optical design after being set correctly. They have many of the same functions as parabolic mirrors, but will deviate from off-axis light. This can leave more interactive space around the focus.


Hanzhong Brisun Optics Co., Ltd. Is the high precision optical element manufacturer provides customized production of Various optical lenses, including spherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical window, mirror, prism, filter, metal base mirror and other high-precision optical elements. The base materials include various optical glass, fused quartz, calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (GE), silicon (SI), sapphire, metal and other materials. And provide antireflective film, high reflection film, spectroscopic film, metal film and other optical coatings.

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