Spectroscope and semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror

The spectroscope is a special optical processing substrate, which is coated with high-precision optical medium to ensure no ghosting, high smoothness, imaging without black spots, stray light and other problems. It is used in optical instruments, biochemical and medical instruments and other photoelectric sensing devices. The beam splitter is actually a beam splitter prism. It is coated with a special film on the surface, so that the incident light can be reflected and transmitted by half, so that a beam of light can be divided into a reflected beam and a transmitted beam, forming two beams of light. The light plate reflects part of the incident light energy, absorbs a relatively small part of the component, and transmits the rest of the energy.

The spectroscope is an optical component that can divide the radiation beam into several parts. According to different wavelengths and polarization directions, light can be divided according to different light intensity ratios. This effect is achieved through different optical designs, such as semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirrors, where half of the light can be reflected and half of the light can pass through the lens. Prisms and other optical structures can also be used here. For example, a purely reflective spectroscope can divide the incident light in different directions. Because many metal substances have high reflectivity in the infrared spectrum range, such reflective devices are very suitable for infrared spectrum. In addition, only a simple structural design is needed, that is, each individual beam of light can have the same reflection intensity.

Advantages of spectroscope:

1、 Accurate optical separation ratio, with good spectral characteristics in the wavelength range.

2、 Very good uniformity

3、 The metal spectrophotometer has wide spectral range, is insensitive to angle changes, and the dielectric film has no absorption, and the spectral ratio is accurate.

4、 Through plasma plating and ion sputtering to assist the dielectric film, the film is dense and dense.

5、 Good temperature and humidity stability.

A spectroscope is an optical element coated with a translucent mirror film, which can decompose a beam of light into two or more beams. The beam splitter reflects a part of the incident light energy, absorbs a small part of the light, and transmits the remaining energy. The spectrometer has obvious neutral color characteristics. The spectrometer is made by vacuum evaporation of multilayer dielectric film. There is no problem that the metal film will be absorbed. The sum of penetration and reflectance is close to 100. Function: vacuum evaporation. After the light passes through the spectroscope, the transmittance can be changed. For example, it can be semi-transparent and semi-reflective with low absorption.



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