CVD Zinc selenide (ZnSe) optical window

CVD zinc selenide is a chemically inert material with high purity, strong environmental adaptability, and easy processing. Its light transmission loss is small and it has good light transmission performance. It is the preferred material for high-power CO2 laser optical components. Because of its uniform and consistent refractive index, the material is also ideal for protecting windows and optical components in forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging systems. At the same time, the material is also widely used in windows and lenses in medical and thermal radiation measuring instruments and infrared spectrometers.

K9 optical window


  • Zinc selenide is a very good infrared material. It has a wide light transmission range from 0.5 microns to 19 microns. Because of its good imaging and thermal shock characteristics, it is often used as the lens and window of carbon dioxide laser.

  • light transmission range: 500nm ~ 19000nm.

  • coefficient of thermal expansion: 7.6×10-6/k.

  • density: 5.27g/cm3

Zinc Selenide ZnSe Flat Window Processing Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Material Zinc selenide (ZnSe)
Processable shapes Circles, rectangles, polygons and other shapes
Diameter 3mm-500mm ± 0.1mm
Center thickness tolerance 0.05mm-50mm± 0.05mm (we can process to ± 0.01mm with high precision)
Surface accuracy Reflection PV > 1/4λ, transmission PV >1/10λ
Surface quality 10-5 20-10 40-20
Surface roughness <5nm
Center deviation <20″
Effective caliber ≥90%
Coating According to the custom requirements
zinc selenide Spectral Curve
zinc selenide window 1

Physical and Chemical Properties of Zinc Selenide Materials

Optical Properties of Zinc Selenide Materials

Changes in Refractive Index of Zinc Selenide Materials with Wavelength

Wavelength (nm) Refractive index (n) Wavelength (nm) Refractive index (n)
620 2.5994 1000 2.4892
3800 2.4339 5000 2.4295
7000 2.4218 9000 2.4122
10600 2.4028 13000 2.3850
14600 2.3705 16600 2.3487
17800 2.3333 18200 2.3278

Optical Window Materials Quick Selection Guide

Wavelength range Window material
180 nm - 8.0 μm Calcium Fluoride CaF2
185 nm - 2.1 μm UV fused silica UVSF
200 nm - 5.0 μm Sapphire
200 nm - 6.0 μm Magnesium Fluoride MgF2
600 nm - 16 µm Zinc selenide ZnSe
1.9 - 16 μm germanium single crystal Ge
2 - 5 μm Barium Fluoride BaF2

Zinc Selenide Znse CVD Flat Window Stock

Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Coating
12.5 3 Coated AR Ravg<1.5%@8-12μm or not
12.7 3 Coated AR Ravg<1.5%@8-12μm or not
25 5 Coated AR Ravg<1.5%@8-12μm or not
25.4 5 Coated AR Ravg<1.5%@8-12μm or not
40 5 Coated AR Ravg<1.5%@8-12μm or not
50 5 Coated AR Ravg<1.5%@8-12μm or not

In addition, We can customize the optical window according to customer requirements or drawings.

For details, please consult:

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