HB orange red colored optical glass filter

The conventional international glass brands of orange red colored optical glass mainly produced in batch include HB600, HB610, HB630, HB640, HB650, HB670 and HB720.

Orange colored optical glass is mainly used in
1. Infrared guidance
2. Infrared communication
3. Night vision instrument
4. Infrared night vision imaging technology: 1) active infrared image conversion technology (near-infrared area), 2) passive infrared night vision technology (medium and far-infrared area). Not only that, infrared technology is also widely used in many aspects such as industry, medicine and scientific research and development. For example, heat source detection, medical thermal imager, temperature measurement and process control, infrared spectrum analysis, infrared heating and drying, infrared remote sensing, infrared astronomy and so on.

ZWB1 black filter
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Product index customizable
Size range 10-100mm
Thickness 2-10 ± 0.1mm
Density tolerance ± 2%
Luminous aperture > 90%
Materials color glasses
Surface quality 60/40 40-20
spectral curve
HB630 orange filter

In addition, We can customize the optical filters according to customer requirements or drawings.

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