Fused Quartz optical Brewster window

Fused Quartz optical Brewster window
  • Brewster window plate is usually used for polarization in laser cavity. When placed at Brewster angle, the p polarization component of the beam will be completely transmitted, and the S polarization component will be partially reflected, so as to increase the loss of S component in the cavity.

  • Quartz glass is an ideal UV material. It has high transmittance in the range of 220nm to 2500nm, good chemical stability and radiation resistance, low expansion coefficient, low fluorescence radiation and scratch resistance.

Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Material optical glass, H-K9L (N-BK7),JGS1
Radius of curvature ± 1mm - ± 50000mm ± 1%
Diameter 3mm-300mm ± 0.1mm
Center thickness tolerance ± 0.05mm (we can process to ± 0.01mm with high precision)
Center deviation 3′(we can process to 30 ″with high precision)
Surface accuracy λ/ 8 (high precision, we can process to 1 / 10λ)
Surface quality 40/20 (we can process to 10-5 with high precision)
Effective caliber ≥90%
Coating UV AR According to the custom requirements
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical window according to customer requirements or drawings.

For details, please consult:

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