Depolarized splitting prism

  • It is different from the energy spectroscopic type. Without changing the polarization state of the incident light, the depolarized splitting prism divides the incident light into transmitted beam and reflected beam according to the calibrated splitting ratio. It should be noted that the depolarizing beam splitting prism adopts metal induced beam splitting film, so it has a certain absorption of incident light (usually < 10%), which should be paid attention to when the laser power is large.
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Material optical glass, H-K9L (N-BK7)
Surface quality 40/20- 60/40
Effective aperture 90%
Transmitted light offset ± 5 arc minutes
Reflected light offset 90 °± 5
Dimensional error ± 0.2mm
Bevel 0.2x45 °
Coating inclined beam splitting film, and other right angled broadband antireflection film
Spectral ratio R/T ± 10% of the average value within the nominal bandwidth
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical beam splitter according to customer requirements or drawings.

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