532nm camera imaging optical window

The imaging window of 532nm camera adopts UV fused quartz as the substrate. The transmittance of single-sided coating can reach more than 94 and that of double-sided coating can reach more than 98%. UV fused quartz has high transmittance from UV to near-infrared band (185-2100nm). It is an ideal choice for application in the wavelength range from UV to near-infrared. In addition, compared with h-k9l (n-bk7), UV fused quartz has better uniformity and lower coefficient of thermal expansion.


We provide high-precision window films without coating and coating. Customers can also customize the size and coating.

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Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Product index customizable
Dimensional tolerance 0.0 / - 0.1mm
Thickness ± 0.1mm
Surface accuracy λ/4@633nm
Clear aperture > 90%
Materials JGS1
Surface quality 60/40 40-20
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical windows according to customer requirements or drawings.

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