Precautions for use of optical filters

All optical elements are precise, especially optical filters, which are the core components of all optical application systems. Once problems occur, the whole optical system will not work properly. Therefore, in the use and maintenance of optical filters, the following items should be paid attention to as much as possible:

1. When the acid and salt on the glass surface are easily corroded, if you touch the filter directly with your hand, you will leave a mark on it. If you do not erase it for a long time, it may become a permanent light spot, affecting the imaging quality of optical elements, so you need to wear a finger sleeve.

2. Light retention and light, many optical lenses are glass products, easy to contact, collapse, scratch, take the edge of the lens, do not directly contact the transparent surface, even if wearing a finger sleeve can not directly contact. Avoid salt and acid substances on the hands from corroding the substrate surface.

3. When not in use, it should be placed in a soft container. The bare film cannot be directly placed on glass, metal, table top or dirty paper, so the lens is easy to scratch.

4. If there is almost no dust on the lens surface, blow it off several times with a clean ear ball.

5. If you encounter stains or sweat, gently scrub with alcohol or acetone dipped in mirror paper or silk cloth.

6. When storing, use clean capacitance paper or mirror paper for packaging, put it in an environment with medium temperature (about 23 ℃) and humidity (less than 40%), and if necessary, put it in a drying box.

7. Optical lenses should not be stacked together. Each lens should not overlap.

8. Once you find it dirty, wash it immediately, but pay attention to prevent scratches. Dust can easily scratch the lens. If there is stain or fingerprint on the surface, it can be wiped with anhydrous ethanol or similar functional solvent. The specific method is as follows: put on the dust-free finger cover, soak the towel with anhydrous ethanol, drag the edge of the towel soaked in ethanol, and move it unidirectionally on the surface of the filter. The lighter the wiping action, the better.

9. Avoid scratching the filter by zippers and buttons of clothes, or placing the filter in a dirty or dusty environment.

All optical elements are precision instruments. Improper cleaning and storage will damage the filter surface, reduce its performance and shorten its service life. Therefore, the correct maintenance method is extremely important.

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