K9 glass

K9 glass is a glass product made of K9 material, which is used in optical coating and other fields. K9 material belongs to optical glass. Because it is crystal clear, it has derived many factories with K9 material as the processing object. The products they process are called crystal glass products on the market.

k9 glass

The composition of K9 is as follows:

SiO2=69.13% B2O3=10.75% BaO=3.07% Na2O=10.40% K2O=6.29% As2O3=0.36%

Its optical constant is: refractive index = 1.51630, dispersion = 0.00806, Abbe number = 64.06

The national standard for optical glass is classified according to Abbe number. The glass with Abbe number ≥ 50 is specified as coronal glass, which is represented by “K”, and the glass with Abbe number < 50 is specified as flint glass, which is represented by “F”. Under these two categories, light “Q” is also used; Re “Z”; Special “t” and chemical element symbols are subdivided with prefix and number and suffix, which are divided into 18 categories and 141 brands.

For example: bak11 (barium crown) K9 (crown)

Generally speaking, the crown plate belongs to the alkali silicate system, and the vast majority of flint glass belongs to the lead silicate system.


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