Ion assisted coating technology for Optical filters

Ion assisted deposition (AD) technology has been widely used as a process to improve the properties of optical filters films. Years of practical research have shown that the AD technology has good effects on improving the properties of optical filter films, improving the microstructure, stress state, and surface morphology of filter films, while also maintaining the convenience of vacuum thermal evaporation technology The advantages of rapidly preparing various filter films. The unique technology of ion assisted coating process is to set up an independent ion source in a high vacuum chamber that does not interact with the evaporation source. Using this source to generate energy carrying ion beams directly bombarding the thin film substrate and growth film can not only significantly enhance the bonding between the film substrate and the filter layer, but also increase storage density, eliminate columnar products, and improve the density of the filter layer. At the same time, it can change the mechanical properties and optical properties of the filter film, as well as the chemical composition and structure, in order to purify the substrate, improve the plating rate and film quality.

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