Introduction to the classification of filters

Introduction to the classification of filters

A filter is an optical part that attenuates light intensity, changes spectral composition, or limits the vibration surface. As an accessory commonly used in photochemical experiments, the function of filter is to use glass or quartz substrate to coat different membrane materials to achieve the corresponding filtering effect.

1、 Classification of filters

In the research field of photochemistry, the commonly used filters are mainly divided into cut-off filter, band-pass filter and solar spectrum correction filter.

Cut off filter: also called CUT filter. There are four types of wavelength up to the target wavelength, namely UVCUT 400, UVCUT 420, CUT 700 and CUT 800. The spectrum is shown in Figure 1.

Bandpass filter: also called DT filter, it can pass through the center wavelength of the target band, including 15 single wavelength models, including DT 350, DT 365, DT 380, DT 400, DT 405, DT 420, DT 435, DT 450, DT 475, DT 500, DT 520, DT 550, DT 600, DT 650, and DT 700. The atlas is shown in Figure 2.

Solar spectrum correction filter: it is composed of AM 1.5G filter and total reflection filter. When used together, xenon lamp spectrum is fitted to AM 1.5G standard solar spectrum, as shown in Figure 3.

The packaging of the filter is shown in Figure 4 below, including the packaging box, filter and instructions.

The packing box shall be provided with a certificate of conformity, marked with the name, number, specification and quantity of the filter.

The instructions include instructions, filter test spectrum and actual parameters.


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