Introduction to Biomedical Filters

Optical filters are the main components of biomedical instruments. In order to ensure the accuracy of diagnosis and analysis, filters require high narrowband bandwidth and cutoff depth of wavelengths. “They can only pass through some specific wavelengths of light, with a half bandwidth typically between 8 nm and 10 nm, while the cutoff depth of other wavelengths must be above OD4.”. The spectral band of the filter is typically 200nm to 1100nm.

Filters are widely used in clinical biomedical and biochemical instruments, such as PCR machines, enzyme labeling machines, biochemical analyzers, and other analysis and detection equipment.

The coating of our filter is using ion assisted coating. It can ensure that the filter has a high transmittance and a cutoff depth of over OD4, while the bandwidth tolerance is within ± 2 nm. The unique coating processing makes the filter wavelength accurate and durable. In addition, our company can accept OEM processing and customization of optical filters.

Biomedical Filters


Hanzhong Brisun Optics Co., Ltd. Is the high precision optical element manufacturer provides customized production of Various optical lenses, including spherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical window, mirror, prism, filter, metal base mirror and other high-precision optical elements. The base materials include various optical glass, fused quartz, calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (GE), silicon (SI), sapphire, metal and other materials. And provide antireflective film, high reflection film, spectroscopic film, metal film and other optical coatings.

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