Influence of Ion Bombardment on Filters in vacuum deposition

Ion bombardment in vacuum deposition is a good way to improve the adhesion of facial mask on the filter surface.

In daily life, people habitually see that the surface of the filter is already very clean, but in fact, there is an extremely thin monolayer of oil, water, or solvent on the surface of the filter, which can affect the quality of the optical lens film and reduce the adhesion performance of the film. So in our filter production, we will go through the final cleaning process – ion bombardment. The ions generated by glow discharge are used to bombard the substrate surface of the optical lens, using high-quality ions to expel gas molecules adsorbed on the surface of the optical lens, improving vacuum and cleaning the filter surface. At the same time, the ion bombardment of vacuum deposition also has a heating effect on the filter, which can further improve the adhesion ability of the optical lens film layer, thus improving the product quality of the optical lens filter, and ensuring that our optical components – filters can ensure long-term stable work when used in instruments and equipment.



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