How to use laser protective lens correctly? How long can it be used?

After purchasing the laser protective lens, we also need to know what is the correct way to use it normally and ensure its long service life. So many old users want to know how to use the laser protective lens correctly and how long it can be used before purchasing the laser protective lens? The following can answer your questions without worrying about other problems.

From the texture of the laser protective mirror, its tableware is fragile and afraid of falling. If you don’t touch it easily when you use it, it will lead to flower marks on the surface, or even direct fracture. Therefore, you must not use too much force when disassembling, and you cannot collide with hard objects to prevent scratches on the surface. In addition, it is necessary to use special cloth to wipe the surface during use, because the surface of the laser protection mirror is afraid of moisture, pollution and scraping. It is necessary to treat the surface dust in the oil-free and dry air. It is not allowed to directly handle the surface dust of the laser protection mirror by hand, which will cause permanent damage to the lens. The best way is to wear gloves directly or use professional tools to operate without scratching the surface.

After using for a period of time, there will be dirt on the surface of the laser protection mirror, and the size of the pollutants and surface defects are relatively small. You need to use the magnifying device to irradiate the surface of the laser protection mirror to easily find the pollutants and defects, and then use alcohol to wipe it. In addition, when using the laser protective lens, it is necessary to form the habit of cleaning the lens regularly. It is recommended to clean the surface of the laser protective lens every 5 to 7 days or once a week to ensure that the surface of the laser protective lens is always in a clean state, which will not affect its optical refraction, so as not to affect the production efficiency. During maintenance, it also needs to be handled with professional tools instead of directly using them, otherwise it will only lead to its performance degradation. At the end of the day, it also needs to choose new laser protective glasses by itself.

So what we said above can let you know what is the correct way to use the laser protective lens, and what aspects need to be taken in the maintenance process to maintain its performance unchanged without affecting the production efficiency. Now that we have learned the correct way of use, it is no problem to use it in these ways. It can not only highlight its use value, but also extend its service life.

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