How is the detachment of the filters film caused?

Definition and description of the detachment of the filters layer: Local detachment or detachment of the film layer on the surface of a coated filter. The main manifestation of a filter is a local increase in transmittance or complete detachment of the filter film layer. The detachment morphology generally refers to point, cluster, and sheet shapes. We have strict standards to control the phenomenon of filter film detachment that occurs during the production process.


There are many reasons for the detachment of the film layer caused by filters, and the main reasons are as follows:

In terms of filter production: Due to the coating process of the filter, some needle like film layers may fall off during the production of the filter. Due to the original coating of the filter or the cleaning of the equipment, it is also possible to cause the film to fall off. This national standard has corresponding requirements and regulations, and our products are strictly inspected according to this regulation before leaving the factory. The filter is qualified before leaving the factory.

Filter transport film detachment: The film detachment is caused by direct contact between the filter and the filter due to insufficient unevenness between the filter and the filter after handling or cutting, resulting in direct relative friction on the filter surface.

Filter corrosive film detachment: Due to improper methods used during cutting, stacking, or cleaning of the filter film surface, the filter film surface comes into contact with oxidizing substances, resulting in contamination and corrosion of the filter film surface and film detachment.

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