How does the filters of the jaundice detector work?

How does the filters of the jaundice detector work?

Neonatal jaundice is a common phenomenon. Neonatal jaundice must be treated promptly. If left untreated, it can affect the development of the newborn’s brain. Jaundice can be divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice, and the harm of pathological jaundice is significant. Therefore, jaundice detection is necessary.

On the third day of a baby’s birth, doctors will use an instrument to test the newborn for jaundice. If the jaundice index is higher than 13.6, doctors will recommend hospitalization for blue light treatment. The harm of infant jaundice to the newborn is significant, so jaundice must be reduced to normal values to be considered safe. Usually, doctors use a yellow lead detector for testing. Is the result of the jaundice detector accurate?

In fact, the jaundice detector used to detect jaundice is mainly an instrument that measures bilirubin levels in a child’s body through the skin. Jaundice detector is a commonly used detection device that combines a jaundice detector filter, electronics, and optical fibers. It integrates the values we measure through the skin and reflects the values we need. It has portability and accuracy. However, there is no trauma or other advantages for children in China. Currently, it is widely used in outpatient and clinical settings in hospitals.

The transcutaneous bilirubin value related to bilirubin concentration directly displays the serum bilirubin concentration value, avoiding the pain, infection, and human error caused to infants through blood drawing. It is safe to use, simple to operate, convenient to carry, and widely used. It is often used for early screening of neonatal jaundice in departments such as neonatal pediatrics and pediatric care in hospitals at all levels, and has broad market application prospects.

Research has found that due to the fact that the light source composed of single peak LED cannot fully match the absorption spectrum of bilirubin in the body, and free bilirubin is sensitive to blue-green light, the latest jaundice instrument is based on two colors of LED and color sensor. In order to achieve a better and purer effect of the light source, two types of bandpass filters, blue light and green light, need to be paired with filters to reduce errors and improve sensitivity. The specifications of the filters can be customized according to the structural requirements, and are also suitable for the treatment of jaundice in newborns.

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