How are scratches or scratches on the filters caused?

Definition and Description of Scratches or Scratches on Filters: Linear or banded scratches caused by the relative movement or friction between the glass surface of the filter and other harder substances are scratches or abrasions, mainly manifested as an increase in the transmittance of the filter at the scratched or scratched area, or a detachment of the filter film surface for transparency. The shape of the scratched area is mostly irregular curved thin strips or ribbons


The main reasons for scratches or abrasions are as follows:

1. In terms of filter production: Due to equipment or post cleaning reasons, there is a possibility of filter scratches during filter production, but these scratches are generally regular and linear, and can be controlled and inspected. In addition, the handling and packaging of the coated glass of the filter during the production process may also cause scratches, and the original film itself may also have scratches

2. Reason for filter cutting: For example, cutting is dragged on the surface of the filter film; Scratches on the film surface caused by the wiping process of the filter due to sand particles or glass shavings on the film surface; The film surface of the filter is cut downwards or the last piece of each box is not noticed to be placed in the opposite direction, resulting in scratches caused by friction between the film surface of the filter and other materials.

3. Filter stacking and storage: After the filter is unpacked or cut, the filter is not stacked as required, and there is no padding between the pieces, resulting in direct contact between the filters and causing scratches or scratches during handling or transportation.

4. Filter installation and cleaning: scratches or scratches caused by human factors during the installation of the filter due to hard objects; Incorrect cleaning methods were used during the cleaning of the filter due to the use of unclean or hard wiping materials or contamination on the surface of the filter film.

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