Classification of optical color filters and production process of laser lenses

Color filters are also known as “filters.”. An optical glass device that selectively absorbs (or passes through) light according to different wavelengths. An optical color filter consists of a lens ring and a filter, often mounted in front of a camera or camera lens. Color filters for black and white photography are mainly used to correct the color sensitivity of black and white films, adjust contrast, and eliminate interference light; Color filters used in color photography are mainly used to correct the color temperature of light sources, compensate for colors, laser lenses and so on.

Optical color filters, which are special optical glass devices, are usually made of colored optical or colored chemical adhesive films. When used, it is installed in front of or behind the lens, and used to adjust the shadow optical lens tone and contrast of the scene, so that the shadow tone of the scene captured by the lens is similar to the degree felt by the human eye. A specific artistic effect can also be obtained through a color filter. Color filters are used in photographic creation, printing and platemaking, color photography, magnification, and various technological photography.

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