Brief introduction of polarizing beam splitter prism

Polarized beam splitter prism is an optical element used to separate horizontal and vertical polarization of light.

Polarized light splitter prism is an optical element that can make the P polarization component fully penetrate and the majority of S polarization component reflect (at least 90%) after the light passes through the multilayer structure multiple times at Brewster angle, using the property that the P polarization transmittance is 1 and S polarization transmittance is less than 1 when the light is incident at Brewster angle.

Polarization splitting prism is used to separate the horizontal polarization and vertical polarization of a beam of light. The transmittance ratio of P light to S light is greater than 1000, and the transmittance of P light is more than 90%. It is characterized by low stress, high extinction ratio, good imaging quality and small beam deflection angle. The wavelength covers 420-1600nm. It can be used for polarizing, checking, light intensity adjustment and other occasions.

It should be noted that the working effect of polarizing beam splitter prism is limited by wavelength. In addition, the polarizing beam splitter prism is only a rough element for polarization selection. If the purity of polarization is very high, Glen Thompson prism can be used.


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