Beam combining mirror

The beam-combining mirror is used to combine the light of two wavelengths into a light path through transmission and reflection. In laser processing, it is usually used to combine the indicator light into the optical path. Our beam-combining mirror is designed for a laser beam with transmission wavelength of 10.6um/1064/532/355nm at a 45-degree incidence, and uses a laser beam with 90-degree reflection wavelength of 650nm (visible light) to calibrate the 10.6um/1064/532/355nm laser beam.

The function of beam combining mirror is to combine two beams of light into one beam. The application in CO2 laser industry is mainly to make the laser red light visible. Generally, 10.6 um infrared laser and 500-700 nm red light are combined into one beam.

The dual-wavelength beam combiner is a diffractive optical element used to combine two incident beams with different wavelengths into the same focus. In multi-wavelength beam, dual-wavelength is a diffractive optical element, which is used to combine two incident beams with different wavelengths into the same focus.

In particular, the focus combiner is used to combine CO 2 laser focusing and visible aiming beam focusing into a single focus.

The dual wavelength corrects the strong color difference between the CO2 laser and its visible aiming beam. This hybrid element is based on the diffraction pattern corresponding to a planoconvex upper lens on its Plano side. The focal lengths of the two wavelengths are determined according to the customer’s application during design.

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