Approximate number of roof prisms

Roof Prisms is commonly used in extremely compact binoculars because of its small size and the ability to align the objective lens and eyepiece in a straight line. Compared with the PRO prism, the ridge prism has two main characteristics: one is that it has more light loss and has a darker image; The second is the high requirement for assembly accuracy, which is difficult to manufacture, and the price is also relatively expensive. Well-made ridge prisms can catch up with but will not exceed Protrusive prisms in terms of performance.

Telescopes with a ridge prism structure are commonly referred to as ROOF roof type telescopes, while telescopes with a Paul prism structure are commonly referred to as Paul type telescopes.

“When telescopes first came into the market, Paul type telescopes were used. With the development of telescope technology, roof ridge telescopes came into operation. Due to their relatively complex structure and high production process, roof ridge telescopes have high manufacturing costs, and are generally used in advanced telescopes.”.

roof prisms


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