Application principle of The water quality analysis filter- ultraviolet band 220nm filter

The water quality analysis filter– Since our country entered the 21st century, the economic development has been faster and faster, and the problems caused by water quality pollution have also begun to be recognized by people. The development of industry and the increase in population have generated a lot of domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater, which have led to more organic pollution in water bodies.

The online water quality monitoring system is based on the UV VIS spectroscopy technology of the spectrometer, which has the advantages of fast detection speed, low cost, no secondary pollution, and can achieve online in-situ measurement. It has advantages in areas such as rapid water quality detection, multi-parameter analysis, water quality classification, and water quality alarm.

The current principle of the online water quality monitoring system is based on Lambert Beer’s law. The UV method for water quality detection is based on the UV visible full spectrum technology, which utilizes the light emitted by the UV U220nm filter, UV254mm filter, and 275nm bandpass filter to make organic matter absorb in the ultraviolet band. The light absorption coefficient of organic pollutants in the tested water body in the ultraviolet band is measured, thereby converting the content value of organic matter in the water body. UV visible spectroscopy will be used to scan the entire spectrum range of 20-720nm, and multi wavelength scanning will be used to obtain absorption spectra of different wavelengths. This spectrum will clearly reflect the distribution of various substances in water bodies. Spectral measurements were conducted in the ultraviolet visible range (UV-VIS, 220nm-720nm) to obtain a full band spectrogram. The concentration of the measured substances (nitrate, turbidity, COD, TOC, etc.) can be obtained through corresponding analysis software. Through spectral data analysis and model calculation, specific water quality parameters in the water can be tested, including chemical oxygen demand (COD), Total organic carbon (TOC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), nitrate nitrogen, turbidity and suspended solids, UV254 (absorbance at 254nm) and other water quality parameters. At the same time, the overall pollution status of the water quality can be warned


The UV visible full spectrum analyzer has excellent cost-effectiveness, high repeatability and accuracy, wide measurement range, low cross sensitivity, good long-term stability, and can simultaneously measure parameters such as chemical oxygen demand (COD), organic carbon compounds, nitrate, turbidity, etc.

The UV band filters produced by Hanzhong Borisun Optics include but are not limited to: 220nm filter, 254nm filter, 275μm bandpass filter and other commonly used waveband filters for water quality analysis. The optical film produced by Hanzhong Borisun Optics for UV visible COD measurement technology has provided various water quality analysis solutions for multiple domestic water quality analysis instrument enterprises, providing assistance for water quality analysis instruments, online water quality monitoring systems, and water quality analysis workstations

Color Glass Filters 400

The water quality analysis filter of Borisun Optics has the following characteristics:

Fast detection speed

Accurate wavelength

Less interference and scattered light

The filter film layer has good meticulousness

Can work stably for a long time

Customized production of filters can cover wave bands and can be detected, such as COD, BOD, NO3-NNO2-NNH4-N, benzene, oil, PO4, etc

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