Application of unmanned lidar filter

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and optoelectronic technology, many technology giants have entered the field of driverless, such as Google driverless car, Baidu driverless car, etc. So as to further develop and apply the technology of automatic unmanned driving.

Automatic driverless vehicle is actually an organic combination of mechanical control function, AI technology and photoelectric technology. Borisun Optics will take you to further understand the application of the role-based optical filter played by the automatic driverless vehicle lidar in the automatic driverless vehicle.

When we observe the driverless car, we will find that there is a radar like device on the top of the car, that is, the eyes of the driverless car – laser ranging recognition radar. Compared with passive vision (camera) system, lidar can be used in complex environment with large changes in optical fiber. A kind of lidar is called “time of flight measurement method” for road recognition and calculation. The scanner of the laser radar emits multiple laser rays, and the laser in the laser radar emits an ultrashort laser pulse. Then the laser touches the objects around the vehicle and can be reflected back. This calculates the distance of the object. Another system at the bottom measures the speed, angular velocity and other data of the vehicle in three directions, and then calculates the position of the vehicle in combination with GPS data. All these data are input into the computer together with the images captured by the on-board camera. The software processes these data at a very high speed to draw the point cloud image of the surrounding environment.

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