Application of Plane Reflector in Projector

The plane reflector of the projector is made of polished flat glass bricks and vacuum coated. Special attention should be paid to maintenance.

The plane reflector on the projector is made of polished flat glass bricks and vacuum coated. The surface is very flat and smooth, and the finish is very high. The reflectivity of light is above 85%. Therefore, the light loss is less, and the reflected image is not deformed or distorted, so it is one of the important optical elements in the projector. Pay special attention to maintenance during use. The maintenance methods are as follows:

1. When opening and closing the plane reflector cover, do not touch the plane reflector surface with your fingers. The correct operation method is to hold the object lens bracket arm with one hand, grasp the opening handle on the plane reflector cover with the other hand, carefully open the plane reflector cover and open it to a proper angle; The same is true for closing. If the plane mirror is loose, tighten the tension screw beside the mirror frame. If the wear is too large, replace it with a new gasket.

2. Never touch the mirror surface with your fingers or other objects during use. If your finger marks are printed on the mirror surface, use a degreased cotton ball dipped in dehydrated alcohol to squeeze out the excess alcohol, and gently wipe the finger marks with a moist alcohol cotton ball. Do not use too much force or expand the wiping range when wiping. Once the mirror is scratched, it cannot be remedied, which will directly affect the projection effect. Therefore, do not wipe the flat mirror casually during use.

3. Because it is very smooth, it is generally protected from dust. If there is any dust, it can not be wiped, but can only be carefully blown off with a balloon. Be careful not to blow with your mouth, because when blowing with your mouth, there is a breath falling on the mirror surface at the same time, so that the mirror surface is stained with small water droplets, and then the dust will make the mirror surface black and lose luster, so that it cannot be used. Therefore, the waterproof and moisture-proof of the plane reflector is also very important. When not in use, it should be covered with a plastic bag or cloth cover in time for reuse.


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