Application of optical sensor filters lenses

Optical sensor filters and instruments are based on optical principles for measurement, which have many advantages, such as non-contact and non-destructive measurement, almost no interference, high-speed transmission, telemetry, remote control, etc. They mainly include general optical metrology instruments, laser interferometric, grating, encoder, and fiber optic optical sensor filters and instruments. In design, it is mainly used to detect the presence of target objects, or for various industrial, automotive, electronic products, and retail automation motion detection.

In the past two decades, the development of optoelectronics and the extensive innovation in the fiber optic communication industry have greatly reduced the price of optical devices and improved their quality. By adjusting the economic scale of the optical device industry, fiber optic sensor filters and fiber optic instruments have expanded from the laboratory research stage to practical applications on site, such as building structure and health monitoring applications.


Principle: Light emitting diodes illuminate the sampling surface, and the image with strong contrast to be sampled is imaged on CM ○ S through a lens. CMoS converts the optical image into a matrix electrical signal and transmits it to the DSP. The DSP compares and analyzes this image signal with the stored image of the previous sampling period, and then sends a displacement distance signal to the interface circuit. The interface circuit integrates and processes the displacement signal sent by the DSP, and the displacement signal transmitted to the computer is further processed by the driver program to form the displacement of the cursor in the system

The main types of optical sensor filters include laser, infrared light, illuminance, visible light, and image sensor filters, which utilize the inherent characteristics of light and rapidly develop sensing technologies.

For example, the emergence of lasers has led to rapid progress, mutual penetration, and complementarity between radio technology and optical technology. Nowadays, many sensor filters have been made using lasers, solving many technical problems that could not be solved before, making it suitable for dangerous and flammable places such as coal mines, oil, and natural gas storage. The optical fiber sensor filter made of laser can also be used to measure the parameters of crude oil injection and tank cracking. At the actual measurement location, there is no need for power supply, which is particularly suitable for petrochemical equipment groups with strict safety and explosion-proof measures. It can also be used to achieve optical telemetry chemical technology in certain links of large steel plants.


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