Application analysis of different kinds of lasers in medical industry

With the increasing popularity of laser medical treatment, people are dazzled by various types of laser medical treatment. Some advertisements delude them into thinking that a laser is omnipotent and can cure various diseases. In fact, different kinds of lasers correspond to different laser medical treatments. Different wavelengths and different forms of lasers are also good at medical treatment. Here are some specific application analysis for some kinds of lasers.

Gem laser series

Monochromatic red light with a wavelength of 694.3nm, with pulse output (Joule level) or continuous output (milliwatt level), is mainly used to treat ophthalmic diseases. The pulsed output ruby laser with power of 0.1~0.5 joule is used to seal retinal holes, which is used to treat retinal detachment and seal holes without fluid accumulation in the macular and posterior pole. The curative effect is more than 90%, with significant effect; Iridectomy with 1.0 ~ 2.0 joules of ruby laser was effective in the treatment of pupillary closure and secondary glaucoma, removal of pigmented tissue of anterior lens capsule, congenital nuclear and perinuclear cataract, congenital pupillary residual membrane, traumatic or postoperative pupillary displacement, iris cyst, conjunctival pigmentation, primary angle-closure glaucoma, etc. The ruby laser with the output power of the fiber laser marking machine above 100 joules can treat pigmented nevus, sebaceous nevus, verrucous nevus, superficial telangiectasia, etc.

Nitrogen molecular laser series

Monochromatic long-wavelength ultraviolet light with wavelength of 337.1 nm, pulse output, power of 0.1~2.0 mJ, can be used to treat superficial localized suppurative inflammation, infected wounds, tinea capitis, tinea hand, tinea pedis, eczema, neurodermatitis, skin chaps, prurigo nodularis, vitiligo, furuncle of external auditory canal, tonsillitis, etc; It can also be used as acupoint irradiation to treat tracheitis, bronchial asthma, neurasthenia and other medical and neurological diseases; In addition, nitrogen molecular laser can also be used as a light source for fluorescence examination to diagnose early tumors.

Argon ion laser series

Lanqing-green light with wavelength of 488nm, 514nm and 514.5nm, continuously output by the marking machine, can be used to treat traumatic paraplegia, sequelae of encephalitis, arachnoiditis, sequelae of polio, neurasthenia, bronchial asthma, chronic hepatitis, glycosuria, enuresis, etc.

Using argon laser with output power of 15-25 mJ can seal retinal holes and retinal degeneration in the early stage of retinal holes; Low power argon laser can treat central serous chorioretinopathy.

The argon laser with output power of several watts can be used for photocoagulation of hemangioma, or for the treatment of synovial cyst, skin gland cyst, lipoma, fibroma, lymphangioma, myofibroma, etc. Argon laser can be used for surgical resection of skin or visceral lesions.

Argon laser can be used as a laser endoscope technology to stop bleeding in stomach and intestines through the optical fiber welding machine; In addition, argon ion laser and argon ion pumped dye laser (wavelength 6300) can be used for photosensitive diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

YAG laser series

Near-infrared light with wavelength of 1064nm, pulse output or continuous output, and neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser with power of hundreds of joules can be used to treat hemangioma, facial nevus, sebaceous adenoma, lymphangioma, mucocele, lip leukoplakia, etc. Increasing the output power can also be used for surgical resection of skin and muscle, as well as surgical resection of laryngeal cancer and gastrointestinal cancer.

Nd glass laser series

The near-infrared light with wavelength of 10600, pulse output or continuous output, needs to be calibrated and aimed with He-Ne laser during treatment, and the Nd glass laser with output power of 15-20 joules can be used to treat chronic wounds, chronic ulcers and soft tissue injuries.

Neodymium glass laser with a power of more than 100 joules can be used to treat hemangioma, spider nevus, papilloma, pigmented nevus, verruca vulgaris, corns, vulvar leukoplakia, basal cell carcinoma, etc.

He-Cd laser series

The ultraviolet light with the wavelength of 441.6 nm and 325 nm and the long Internet of Things wave ultraviolet light can continuously output the He-Cd laser acupoint irradiation with the power of 3-16 milliwatts to treat hypertension, dysmenorrhea, acute laryngitis, acute vocal cord inflammation, etc; Local irradiation can treat neurodermatitis, skin pruritus, nodular prurigo, etc.

The He-Cd laser with output power of 15~20 milliwatts is introduced into the body cavity through the optical fiber. With the characteristics of fluorescence display, it can be used for early diagnosis of gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, rectal cancer, cervical cancer, etc., biopsy location, indicating the scope of resection of cancer tissue, etc.


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