Analyzing the Function of Glued Lens

The function of Glued Lens is to eliminate chromatic aberration, requiring at least two materials, such as two types of glass (common lenses) or resin (mobile phone lenses)

Glued lens glass material usually involves turning, milling, polishing, and other steps. The batch size of mobile phone lenses is large, as if it is injection molding. Anyway, according to the above materials printed on the mold, the process needs to be separated, and then the two parts are glued together. In addition, there is a sudden change in refractive index at the interface of the two parts, which definitely requires coating, so it also needs to be two parts together.

Of course, a component is feasible, using two-photon 3D printing, and the University of Stuttgart has used this technology to create the world’s smallest lens.

100mm Focal Length Optical Achromatism Collimator Glass


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