ADAS anti fatigue video surveillance camera filter solution

ADAS anti fatigue video surveillance camera filter solution – With the development of the economy, the automotive industry has entered a new era of development, with the increasing popularity of dedicated roads represented by highways. However, it is accompanied by frequent road traffic accidents. Among the causes of accidents, driver fatigue driving is one of the main reasons.

For example, if a driver blinks a lot within a minute, it indicates that they may be in a fatigue state. The system will automatically sound a beep alarm and remind the background monitoring personnel, which can better prevent fatigue driving. Unsafe behaviors such as driving, making phone calls, and smoking can also be monitored.

Detect driver fatigue driving, distracted driving (looking left and right, smoking, making phone calls, yawning, etc.), and excessive driving behavior. Once the system detects these behaviors, a sharp alarm will sound to remind the driver to avoid accidents.

The facial recognition module is used to receive the driver’s facial image sent by the on-board computer, recognize the driver’s facial image, and obtain the driver’s eye closure time data to be sent to the on-board computer; The voice alarm module is used to give an alarm after receiving the alarm signal sent by the onboard computer.

pack of 7 round color filters lightpainting paradise

The filter schemes used for ADAS advanced assistance system and DSM fatigue driving monitoring, facial recognition, and iris recognition mainly include; 850nm filter and 940nm bandpass filter are commonly used in fatigue driving warning systems, which can accurately detect facial recognition features in strong light environments and weak light environments when there is no light.

The filter of Hanzhong Borisun Optics is currently applied to well-known ADAS anti fatigue video surveillance cameras in China, and has received good feedback:

Extraction of human eyelid contour

Eyelid movement characteristics

Construction of iris motion characteristics;

The above feature extraction of Hanzhong Borisun Optics’ anti fatigue driving filter has a higher accuracy than that of its competitors, effectively overcoming the imaging differences of eye images under different lighting conditions.

More ADAS anti fatigue video surveillance camera filters Welcome to inquire about the filter solution for Borisun Optics fatigue detection and driving behavior recognition warning system


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