Absorbing glass

Absorption glass can present various colors, mainly using the principle of ion coloring: glass made by the absorption of transition metal and divalent copper rare earth element plasma to the spectral region. Such as purple, blue, green, neutral filter, etc. Using selenium cadmium glass cadmium sulfide, cadmium selenide and other semiconductor compounds as colorants, its spectral characteristic is to absorb short wave and pass through long wave region. Yellow, orange and red filters.

Our company mainly provides the following types of absorbing glass:

Cut off absorbing glass: ultraviolet glass zjb, golden glass JB, yellow glass JB, orange glass CB, red glass Hb, infrared transmission visible absorbing glass HWB.

Select absorption colored glass: ultraviolet transmission visible absorption glass zwB, purple glass ZB, cyan glass QB, green glass lb.

Others: insulating glass GRB, neutral gray glass Nb, neutral gray glass Nb, Schott color glass.

Reference Atlas of partial absorption glass:

Absorbing glassAbsorbing glass Absorbing glassAbsorbing glassAbsorbing glassAbsorbing glass



Hanzhong Brisun Optics Co., Ltd. Is the high precision optical element manufacturer provides customized production of Various optical lenses, including spherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical window, mirror, prism, filter, metal base mirror and other high-precision optical elements. The base materials include various optical glass, fused quartz, calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (GE), silicon (SI), sapphire, metal and other materials. And provide antireflective film, high reflection film, spectroscopic film, metal film and other optical coatings.

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