Anti green trans red beam combiner

Stage laser transparent green and anti red light combining mirror

1. Anti green and red light transmitting mirror (reflection 532nm, transmission 650nm)

2. Anti blue, green and red light transmitting mirror (reflection 473nm, transmission 532nm, transmission 650nm)

3. Anti blue, anti green and red light transmitting mirror (reflection 473nm, reflection 532nm, transmission 650nm)

4. Anti red, green and blue light transmitting mirror (reflection 650nm, transmission 532nm, transmission 473nm)

5. Anti red, anti green and transparent blue light combining mirror (reflection 650nm, reflection 532nm, transmission 473nm)

Stage light reflecting galvanometer (incident angle 15 ° – 57 °)

Optical reflectivity of RGB aluminized mirror: 400nm-700nm, R > 97%

Transparent and anti red light combiner (incident angle: 45 ° + / – 5 °, 650nm + / _20nmr > 98%, 532nm + / – 20nm T > 97%)

Applications: laser lamp, stage computer lamp, remote head lamp, color wheel, dichroic filter, optical instrument beam splitter.

99:1 beam splitter supplier
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Product index customizable
Beam split wavelength 400-1100nm Customizable
T:R 99%:1%/ 98%:%2/ 95%:5%/ 90%:10%/ 80%:20%/ 70%:30%/ 60%:40%/ 50%:50%
Beam split error +/-1%
Incident angle 0° or 45°
Materials Specially processed K9 glass or float glass
Surface quality 40-20 20-10
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical Beam splitter according to customer requirements or drawings.

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