400-700nm beam splitter

Borisun Optics provides optical instruments, laser pens, stage laser optical platforms, optical fiber end face detectors, optical fiber amplification detectors, digital microscopic imagers, fingerprint identification systems, electron microscopes, radio image processing and other neighborhood spectroscopes:

1、 Spectroscopic specification: (transmittance ratio reflectance)
1) T: R = 50%: 50%
2) T: R= 70%:30%
3) T:R= 60%:40%
4) T:R= 30%:70%

2、 Spectral band (the band in which the light source works):
1) 475nm light splitting (light source: blue LED light source)
2) 532nm light splitting (light source: green laser module feedback mirror)
3) 650nm light splitting (light source: Red LED pump light source)
4) 850nm spectroscopy (light source: 850nm infrared laser pump)
5) 380 ~ 760nm spectral (light source: all visible light sources)

3、Specification and size:
1) 2*2*0.3mm
2) 4*4*0.5mm
3) 22*18*1.0mm
4) 50*50*1.5mm
5) 100*100*1.0mm
6) 1280*1280*1.0~5.0mm
The size can be customized according to customer needs

99:1 beam splitter supplier
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Product index customizable
Beam split wavelength 400-1100nm Customizable
T:R 99%:1%/ 98%:%2/ 95%:5%/ 90%:10%/ 80%:20%/ 70%:30%/ 60%:40%/ 50%:50%
Beam split error +/-1%
Incident angle 0° or 45°
Materials Specially processed K9 glass or float glass
Surface quality 40-20 20-10
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical Beam splitter according to customer requirements or drawings.

For details, please consult:

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