What should be paid attention to when purchasing laser protective glasses?

When selecting and purchasing any product, we need to pay attention to many details. What should we pay attention to when selecting and purchasing laser protective glasses? Only then can we ensure that the purchased products can have a relatively high use effect.

First, when selecting the laser protective lens, the products in the market have different specifications, which are generally divided into the maximum irradiance Hmax (J/m2) or the maximum irradiance Emax (W/m2); The use effect of the product is completely different, and the consumption needs special attention when purchasing the product. If the appropriate product is not selected, the use effect will be very different. Therefore, it is an ideal way to purchase the product after understanding the characteristics of the product.

Second, the laser protection mirror has a specific protection wavelength. In order to make users have the best use effect during the production and processing of products, products with different specific protection wavelengths have been developed. Users need to understand the actual use needs when purchasing products to ensure the use effect of products.

Third, the minimum required optical density value Dmin of the laser protection mirror at the corresponding protection wavelength;

Fourth, the nonuniformity, asymmetry and incident light angle effect of the protective lens of the laser protective lens are not found in other products. When purchasing the protective lens, special attention must be paid to the quality of different quality products. Only when purchasing the product, can we know which brand of product is used, and the use effect is really very ideal, which can meet the user’s use needs.

5. There are a lot of anti-laser radiation products advertised in the market, but if you want to ensure that the use effect of the product is relatively good, you must choose a professional laser protection mirror. During the research and development of the product, the anti-laser radiation ability has been tested professionally, and there are different types that can be provided to different consumers for purchase.;

6. The visible light transmittance of the laser protection mirror has different parameters. When purchasing the product, the parameters are directly related to the use effect. The user must understand the use needs before selecting the product.

7. Laser protective glasses have different structures and shapes, and each consumer has different preferences. When choosing products, the market has a lot of products to choose from, which can meet the personal preferences of different consumers.

After understanding these problems, we can purchase the laser protective lens products to ensure that the purchased products can meet the requirements of the product.

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