Advanced Photorejuvenation Strategy! How to choose a better filter?

Advanced Photorejuvenation Strategy! How to choose a better filter? The wind of photon rejuvenation is really great, especially some controversies about the concepts of filter and mode. I think it is necessary to explain it to everyone. What does each filter do? How to choose a good effect? Today, I will give you a clear picture.

M22 Photorejuvenation has 6 conventional filters: 515/560/590/615/640/695, and 2 special filters: Vascular vascular filter and Acne acne filter.

The function of different filters for photon rejuvenation

515nm: The filter penetrates the surface layer of the epidermis, which can improve the problem of superficial pigment. Commonly used for local stain treatment

560nm: It penetrates the entire epidermis, and the problems to be improved can generally include photoaging treatment, pigment, vascular abnormalities, etc. It is commonly used to remove spots, remove redness, brighten and whiten (type 3 skin color)

590nm: The penetrating effect is the superficial dermal capillary network, which is usually used for anti-inflammatory, light aging treatment, removing redness, removing red blood filaments, etc. It is commonly used to remove freckles, remove redness, brighten and whiten (type 4 skin tone)

615 and 640 penetrate the reticular fiber layer of the dermis, so they can improve the problems such as color sink and large pores, and have a significant effect on skin rejuvenation and dermal reconstruction.

615nm: commonly used for chloasma, pigmentation, or type 5 skin tone photon therapy

640nm: commonly used for skin rejuvenation, improving the coarse pores, smoothing the skin, and facial hair removal

695nm: It penetrates the deep layer of the dermis and can touch hair follicles, so it can be used for photon hair removal. It is often used for deeper skin rejuvenation, improving pore size, removing fine lines, and body hair removal

Vascular filter: As its name implies, it is aimed at blood vessel problems. It can aim at deep Vascular diseases, so it has deeper and stronger effect than other wave bands. The deep and shallow vessels are managed at the same time, and the purple blue and red vessels are fully covered

Acne: Acne filter, as its name implies, is aimed at the problem of acne. For the treatment of acne, its effect is still excellent. Shoreline+sebaceous gland targeted therapy, anti-inflammatory+oil control


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