What is the laser protective lens used for?

Laser protective lens is used for laser window piece and optical window piece. It is an optical plane lens that can protect electronic components, sensors and semiconductor components in the optical path. It is one of the basic optical elements in optics, and it will not change the magnification of optics. It only affects the optical path in the optical path. In short, laser protective glasses are a kind of special glasses that can prevent or reduce laser damage to human eyes. They are an efficient and safe home key, applicable to a variety of laser pens and lasers. This series of safety glasses are comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable to wear. The basic principle of laser protection mirror detection is that various impurities in the optical window must be different from the optical window. When the optical window of light incidence is a variety of magazines, it will be different from the surrounding optical window in terms of reflection and refraction. The corresponding defect information is obtained by analyzing the intensity and image characteristics of the image signal collected by the camera.

The laser protective mirror is an optical glass plate with two parallel surfaces after polishing. They can be used as protective elements in a variety of complex environments and pass through the history efficiently. They have little impact on the visible light passing through. So we can see that this is very suitable for field shooting. And the commonly used coatings are anti-reflection film and anti-scratch film. It can also improve the effect according to the customer’s requirements. It can be waterproof, dustproof and scratch resistant. It can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. Some of the main applicable groups are laser operators and computer operators. Driver gas welding machine, etc.

How to choose the lens of the laser protection mirror? This is a problem. Nowadays, laser equipment is more and more widely used. Many enterprises have used a large number of laser equipment, such as laser welding machines. During the use of these equipment, the selection of some consumables is directly related to the use cost and product quality. The main function of the laser protection lens is to prevent dust and splash from damaging the focus lens. However, if the lens is improperly selected, it will cause frequent damage to the protection lens due to laser consumption, and the product quality is unstable, causing serious losses to the enterprise. Here are some principles for selecting laser protective lenses: match the shape and size, consider the use cost according to different laser power, choose k90 and quartz, and use different coating technical parameters according to the use environment. Try to select some suppliers of laser protection lenses with low price, reliable quality and timely supply.

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Laser protective lens



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