What are commonly referred to as optical heat shields, thermal mirrors, and infrared reflectors?

What are the commonly used optical insulation sheets, thermal mirrors, and infrared reflectors in the field of optics?

Thermal mirrors, also known as thermal reflectors, optical insulation sheets, and infrared reflectors, are commonly referred to as optical thermal mirrors in the field of optics, except for some differences in specific dimensions and optical parameters

A thermal mirror is a type of thermal reflector designed to be used as a short-pass filter, capable of transmitting visible light wavelengths at a 0 ° incidence angle while reflecting near-infrared light and heating wavelengths. Remove unnecessary heat from the optical system. The specific dimensions and parameters can be customized according to customer specific requirements

Advantages of Hanzhong Borisun Optical Insulation Sheet:

High isolation near-infrared energy (cut-off from 720nm to 2500nm); Effectively isolate sunlight and heat from metal halide lamps, ensuring effective utilization of visible light reflection by 90% and absorption by 10% for complete insulation; High temperature resistant glass, not cracked! There are two options available: UV cut-off and non cut-off, with long-term inventory available and both large and small batches available

Thermal Mirror Product Specifications

Type: Hot mirror

Incident angle: 0 ° ± 10 ° or 45 °

Transmission range: 420-700nm (other parameters can be customized)

Transmission ≥ 85% (other parameters can be customized)

Reflection band: 725-2500nm (other parameters can be customized)

Reflectivity Ravg ≥ 90% 725-2550nm (other parameters can be customized)

Thickness tolerance ± 0.1mm

Dimensional tolerance ± 0.1mm

Passing aperture ≥ 90%

Maximum safe temperature:

Green board: 150 ℃

Tempered glass: 250 ° C

Heat resistant glass: 450 ° C


Hanzhong Borisun Optics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various optical insulation films, infrared cut-off filters, mobile phone camera filters, camera filters, insulation films, digital camera filters, security camera filters α Optical products such as CD filters, water filters, night vision filters, color filters, lens filters, filters, splitters, mirrors, prisms, lenses, infrared transparent acrylic plates, panels, and window lenses.

Hanzhong Borisun Optics specializes in providing fiber optic lighting, LED lighting, gold halide lamps, heat resistant light engines, high-precision digital cameras, and filters that eliminate CCD near-infrared interference to ensure the normal operation of optoelectronic instruments and equipment


Hanzhong Brisun Optics Co., Ltd. Is the high precision optical element manufacturer provides customized production of Various optical lenses, including spherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical window, mirror, prism, filter, metal base mirror and other high-precision optical elements. The base materials include various optical glass, fused quartz, calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (GE), silicon (SI), sapphire, metal and other materials. And provide antireflective film, high reflection film, spectroscopic film, metal film and other optical coatings.

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