UV high transmittance optical glass

UV high transmittance optical glass

UV high transmittance optical glass is an optical glass with the same optical constants and physical and chemical properties as some colorless optical glasses, but the transmittance of UV and visible light is much higher than that of ordinary optical glasses.

optical glass

An inorganic glassy material that transmits light by refraction, reflection and transmission or changes the intensity or spectral distribution of light by absorption. It has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. According to optical characteristics:

① Colorless optical glass. It has specific requirements for optical constants and has the characteristics of high transmittance in the visible region and no selective absorption coloring. According to the Abbe number, it is divided into coronal glass and flint glass, and all kinds are divided into several kinds according to the refractive index, which are arranged in turn according to the refractive index. It is mainly used as lens, prism and mirror of telescope, microscope and camera.

② Radiation proof optical glass. It has great absorption capacity for high-energy irradiation. There are high lead glass and cao-b2o2 system glass. The former can prevent γ X-ray and X-ray irradiation. The latter can absorb slow neutrons and thermal neutrons. It is mainly used in nuclear industry and medical fields as shielding and peeping window materials.

③ Radiation resistant optical glass. In a certain γ Under X-ray and X-ray irradiation, the transmittance in the visible region changes less, and the variety and brand are the same as that of colorless optical glass. It is used to manufacture optical instruments and peep windows under high-energy irradiation.

④ Colored optical glass. Also known as filter glass. It has selective absorption and transmission properties for specific wavelengths in ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions. According to spectral characteristics, it is divided into three categories: selective absorption type, cut-off type and neutral gray; According to the coloring mechanism, it can be divided into three categories: ion coloring, metal colloid coloring and sulfur selenide coloring, which are mainly used in the manufacture of optical filters.

⑤ Ultraviolet and infrared optical glass. It has specific optical constant and high transmittance in ultraviolet or infrared band. It is used as ultraviolet and infrared optical instruments or window materials.

⑥ Optical quartz glass. With silica as the main component, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength and good chemical properties. It is used to manufacture prisms, lenses, windows and mirrors with special requirements for transmission in various bands. In addition, there are photomask plates, liquid crystal display panels, image optical disc base sheet glass for large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing; A magneto-optical glass in which the polarization plane rotates when light passes through the glass along the direction of the magnetic line of force; When light passes through the glass transmitting ultrasonic wave in a certain direction, it will diffract, reflect, converge or shift the optical frequency.


It is mainly used for ultraviolet spectrometers, photoelectric devices, optical instruments and camera lenses requiring particularly high visible light transmittance.

influence factor

In addition to the chemical composition of the glass matrix, the factors affecting the UV transmittance of the glass also depend on the impurities in the glass, such as Fe3 +, Mn2 +, Ce4 +, Ti4 + and other impurity ions. Therefore, high purity raw materials should be selected for the production of UV high transmittance optical glass to prevent contamination during melting.


Quartz glass has high transmission performance in the ultraviolet spectrum band. It is a kind of ultraviolet high transmission optical glass with very good performance, but high-purity quartz glass has considerable difficulties in raw material purification and melting temperature.


The UV high transmittance optical glass commonly used in industrial production adopts borosilicate system, and Schott of Germany and Corning of the United States have corresponding products.


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