Radiation resistant optical glass

Radiation resistant optical glass

Mainly refers to Optical glass that is not easily colored under the action of rays. The designation of radiation resistant optical glass brand still indicates the number of roentgen that can withstand radiation according to the optical glass brand. For example, k509 radiation resistant optical glass has the same optical constant as K9 and can withstand 105 roentgen dose γ Ray.

Ordinary glass is radiated by high-energy rays to produce free electrons, which combine with the vacancy inside the glass to form a color center. At the same time, it can also shift the atomic nucleus, destroy the normal structure, produce color centers and color the glass.

CeO2 is introduced into radiation resistant optical glass γ After X-ray irradiation, electrons can be captured without color centers in the glass, and the absorption bands of Ce4 + and Ce3 + are in the ultraviolet region. When the CeO2 content is too high, the ultraviolet and infrared absorption bands extend to the visible light region, which increases the absorption of the blue region of the visible light, resulting in the * of the glass. At the same time, the color will be deepened due to the influence of other components in the glass, so the content of CeO2 cannot be too high. The content of CeO2 in k509 is about 0.4% ~ 0.5%, and that in k709 is about 1%.


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