Quartz glass

With the continuous upgrading of the optical industry, the application of optical lenses and filters is becoming more and more popular. Quartz glass is the glass material commonly used in filter products. It has good transmittance not only in visible light, but also in ultraviolet and infrared bands. JGS1, JGS2 and JGS3 are commonly used. Silica content in quartz glass is very high, generally 99.9%, so some of its properties are very high.

1. Spectral characteristics: quartz glass is in the range of 0.4-4.7um, with high transparency, and is an ideal material for making optical fiber.

2. High temperature resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

The melting temperature is 1713 ℃, which can withstand the high temperature above 1000 ℃, so it is a better choice for high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient.

3. Good chemical stability and acid resistance, but poor alkali resistance and high mechanical properties. The disadvantage is that the solute is difficult and the price is expensive. At present, it is mainly used to make optical fiber.

Quartz glass mainly includes JGS1, JGS2 and JGS3:

JGS1 is a synthetic quartz glass produced with SiCI4 as raw material and oxyhydrogen flame. Its characteristics are no bubbles, extremely high purity, excellent UV transmission, application wavelength of 175-2500nm, synthetic quartz glass has a strong absorption peak at 2730nm, and no particle structure.

JGS2 is a quartz glass produced from quartz raw materials and oxyhydrogen flame. It contains dozens of ppm of metal impurities and has an absorption peak at 2730nm. Its application wavelength is 200-2500nm. There are small bubbles, stripes and granular structures.

JGS3 is a quartz glass produced by quartz raw material and vacuum electrofusion method. It contains dozens of ppm of metal impurities, small bubbles, particle structure and stripes, and almost no OH. It is an ideal infrared transmittance material, with an application wavelength of 260-3500 nm.

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