Infrared temperature measurement window slice

The infrared temperature measurement window is mainly used for the internal temperature measurement of various high-voltage switchgear cabinets, metal armored cabinets, urban ring-network cabinets and GIS high-voltage equipment, to eliminate the risk of high-voltage arc accidents during thermal imaging inspection.

The infrared temperature measuring window can penetrate ultraviolet and visible light, and the infrared optical window is installed on the shell of the power switch cabinet. By using the infrared thermal imager and temperature detector which are widely used in the power system, the infrared window can easily carry out various non-destructive maintenance on the internal equipment of the power switch cabinet, and realize the status inspection.

Type of infrared temperature measurement window:

Long-wave infrared window slice, working wavelength 0.15-14 μ m. It is mainly used to detect low temperature and normal temperature. In the power industry, long wave basically meets the fault detection of existing power equipment. It solves the problem of difficult detection in the switch cabinet simply, quickly, completely and accurately, and realizes online real-time detection of the switch cabinet. At 0.15 μ m, the infrared transmittance of the window is 94%. At 12.5 μ m, the infrared transmittance of the window is 92%.

Short-wave infrared window slice, working wavelength 0.15-7 μ m. It mainly detects high temperature objects above 500 ℃. For example, in steel making and other industries. At 0.15 μ m, the infrared transmittance of the window is 94%. At 7 μ m, the infrared transmittance of the window is 92%.

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