1240nm Shortwave Infrared Narrowband Filters for Low Temperature Applications

Shortwave infrared narrowband filters are a category of narrowband filters. We all know that the main function of narrowband filters is to select the spectrum of light, allowing the desired light to pass through and the unwanted wavelength light to cut off. As the main device for filtering and selecting spectral lines, narrowband filters have a wide range of applications. In the field of optical component design technology, it involves a 124onm shortwave infrared narrowband filter that can meet the requirements of 80K low-temperature environment. Shortwave infrared narrowband filters have broad application prospects in optical analysis instruments and optical detectors, mainly used for ground imaging observation and spectral analysis monitoring. China’s high-resolution Earth observation system is a major project, and there is also a research and development demand for shortwave narrowband filters.

The wide field infrared multispectral scanning uses shortwave infrared narrowband filters, which require high average passband transmittance, deep suppression band cutoff depth, small passband ripple coefficient, and wide cutoff range. They can be suitable for 80K low temperature and ground environmental conditions, with high reliability and stability.

Due to the special working environment of the shortwave infrared narrowband filter, which is packaged in front of the detector, it needs to meet the low-temperature limit value εσκ To high temperature limit value ε∂ The instantaneous temperature shock of °, using conventional methods to prepare filters, will result in the phenomenon of center wavelength drift and film layer detachment at low temperatures. Low temperature shortwave infrared narrowband filters have always been the focus of research on optical thin films.

Overview of spectroscopic lenses

A preparation method for a 1240nm shortwave infrared narrowband filter, comprising the following steps:

Step 1: Vacuum chamber cleaning;

Step 2: Substrate cleaning before coating

Step 3: Prepare the vacuum chamber to pre place the coating material in the electron gun crucible of the vacuum chamber;

Step 4: Coating of filter film

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