Aluminum plated off-axis paraboloid mirror

  • The light parallel to the central axis of the paraboloid is reflected by the paraboloid and converges at the focus. Off axis paraboloid reflector, the reflector is a part of the paraboloid, and the focus is outside the optical axis.
  • Borisun optics launched the off-axis paraboloid mirror standard with a diameter of 25.4mm and a diameter of 50.8mm, which is plated with gold film, silver film and aluminum film and an off-axis angle of 90 °. According to different coatings, it has good optical properties in the visible band, near-infrared band and infrared band. The surface roughness of these off-axis paraboloid mirrors are 50 Å and 100 Å respectively, which can effectively reduce the scattering of light in application, It is widely used in reflective optical system, laser focusing system, terahertz and other products or related fields.
  • We can also customize products that meet your needs.
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Material 6061-T6
Radius of curvature ± 1mm - ± 50000mm ± 1%
Diameter 3mm-200mm ± 0.1mm
Center thickness tolerance +-0.1mm
Center deviation 3′(we can process to 30 ″with high precision)
Surface accuracy λ/ 4
Surface quality 80/50
Deviation angle 90%
Coating see table
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical window according to customer requirements or drawings.

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